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Discardian weekend: the intro

Hi gang, long time no post. I'm still alive and crazy busy, but life is good. What happens when it's really, really good & busy? Pileup! Aieee!

This weekend is all about getting back to your happy place. Do these things on Thursday night or Friday morning or first thing when you get home Friday after work.

Step one is dealing with the essentials.

1) Water
Go get a big glass of water right now. Now. Do it.

Okay, I've got mine too. Water is the means for your body to do a little discardia of its own. Purge out the bad stuff, set yourself up for the good stuff. Drink that glass of water all up while you work your way through this post and then refill it when you're done and have another.

2) Food
Nothing fancy, just eat a small meal with something good for you and something yummy. And while you're preparing it, if you come across anything spoiled in the fridge don't you dare set it back in there. Throw it in the trash and carry that nasty baggage out of your house.

3) Sleep
Are your sheets dirty? Change 'em now. (Always have a change of sheets; it radically improves your quality of life.)

Now lie down on the bed for a moment and see what the first thing you're going to see when you wake up is. If you don't like it and it isn't nailed to the wall, get it out of your sight.

In my case, the sheets are okay but there are clothes all over the place. Clean clothes back from the laundry, stuff that can be worn again that needs to be hung up, new clothes I bought over the weekend, dirty clothes on the floor.  I'm putting those all away.

How long did it take? Sometimes I do the whirlwind action, but tonight I felt like relaxing, so it took about 4 old episodes of Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV. And I even got Joe's unread magazines into a nice little rack arrangement under the bedside chair they'd been piled on. Fluffed comforter, reading light on by the bed, covers turned back. Ready for my return shortly. What a lovely bedroom!

4) Motivation
One more step. We took care of the last thing we see before sleeping and first after waking. Now make sure that walking in the front door doesn't drag down your mood. Straighten that doormat, tidy that shoerack, put away (or at least move) that clutter in the front hall. Let the first sight of home remind you of what you like about this place, not of your to-do list.

Ahhhh. Nice.

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