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Pretty Scenery 2002

Ah, it must be spring. Not only are there blossoms on the trees and new green grass everywhere, there are attractive men snoozing on the morning train where they can be admired without the need to pretend not to be gazing at them.

From my vantage point on the upstairs seats I could just see his face from the upper lip down as he leaned against the window on a pillow made of his jacket. Reddish hair (as evidenced by his sideburns), pale skin, light freckles, a fascinating tattoo (is that a ring of dancing bunnies around his arm?) peeking out under the sleeve of his bright orange "i agree with marty" t-shirt, red-framed glasses resting beside a copy of Dorothy Sayers' Murder Must Advertise. Mmm, delicious creature.

He had woken by the time my station came along, so I paused on my way out to say "Pardon my insatiable curiousity, but who is Marty and what are you in agreement about?" It turns out he is Marty and the shirt was a gift from a friend who found it in a thrift store. We expressed our mutual belief that clothing which endorses us is a good thing and that Dorothy Sayers' books are very enjoyable. He said he likes how they are so romantic and then it's "oh and here's a mystery too" almost like an afterthought.


Naturally, I was not wearing my jacket with MetaGrrrl on the back and I neglected to mention my own name. Clearly, I am not much of a strategic thinker when it comes to chatting up cute boys. Ah well, a hopeless romantic as yummy as all that must be taken anyhow, so I'll just get a little vicarious pleasure to perk up my morning. Ah, spring...

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