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Winding down a busy week 2005

Lots going on this week at work - product beta test in full swing plus managing some contractual development, plus supervising projects being done by our interns this semester - but going well, so it's a good kind of tired.

Had a great day yesterday. Helped Kristin with her move - driving the truck & helping organize the load - which went nice and fast. Kristin knows how to treat her helpers right and her new apartment looks beautiful - full of character and good light. Afterwards there was a shower (all praise the glory of indoor plumbing and a good hot water supply) and a nap before a sublime dinner of sushi at Shi Mo with an attractive man.

I finally got to bed at a reasonable hour and slept in a lot, but just shy of too much. The light is beautiful here this morning, birds are singing and the sky is blue. I had the last of my friend Vicky's lemon marmalade on some toaster waffles, a glass of OJ and a mug of faux coffee and now I feel quite content.

It's so wonderful to have all this sunshine pouring in the windows. I think that, though it'd be a good walking day, I'll just stick around home and recover from all the lifting yesterday. I don't feel bad, just aware that I've been doing things. Shannon arrives tomorrow, so I'm feeling an incentive to clean up a bit. Not that she's afraid of the occasional dust rhino, but I figure I can use any vague guilty sensation which motivates me to get housework done.

Enjoy your day! Put on some music you like and do what feels right.

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