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Everyday Dinah 2011


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Everyday Dinah 2011


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Everyday Dinah 2011


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Everyday Dinah 2011


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Everyday Dinah 2011


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Everyday Dinah 2011


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Everyday Dinah 2011


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Memorial gathering for Grandma Susie 2011

Jinx and Dinah Getting Things Ready (Photo by Uncle Larry)

Listening to Randy (one of my first cousins once removed) (Photo by Larry)

With my Uncle Larry and my second cousin Alex (Photo by C'Anna)
Some people in my family are tall. I'm not one of them. :)

Happy publishers (Photo by Larry)
Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 5.15.51 PM

Dinah shows Alma her book

Photo of me with my great-aunt Alma (Grandma Susie's sister), taken by my mother's cousin C'Anna.
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.00.20 PM

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The book is out! 2011

Hooray! It was a good weekend. Discardia: More Life, Less Stuff got approved and now is in the iBookstore, the print version can be bought through my Createspace estore, and it's now listed in both Kindle and print versions on Amazon.

With everything now in place I can move ahead on promoting the book. I'm ramping up gradually, in hopes that my early adopters will write reviews that will be seen by other folks as I start driving more traffic to the various storefronts.

As before when I transitioned from writing to editing and formatting, I feel myself changing hats and switching to a new aspect of the job of indie author.

I need to run the numbers again, but my sense is that I need to sell around 3500 copies to pay back my costs. So far I'm about 2% of the way there with the very small amount of publicity I've done, so that's encouraging.


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My book reaching readers! 2011

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 5.21.13 PM

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Tying off loose ends before launch 2011

Today I'm proofing the print version of my book Discardia: More Life, Less Stuff in hopes of being able to approve it for sale.

I'm still hoping Apple will come through with activating the ebook for purchase through iTunes/iBookstore, but it's starting to look as though I may have to launch without it there. Bit baffling since I uploaded it over nine days ago, but I've written to support and am hopeful that will shake it loose from wherever its stalled out in the review process. Seems to be a side effect of their quality control for new books and apps and I know I'm far from the first content creator to be impatiently reloading that status screen.

Amazon has obligingly reactivated their Associates program just in time for me to use those links and make a little extra per copy. (MetaGrrrl.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. There. That's that participation requirement covered.)

Hey ho, the glamorous life.

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