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A new holiday: Discardia 2002

I've decided to invent a new holiday called Discardia. It takes place in the time between the Solstices & Equinoxes and their following new moons. Discardia is celebrated by getting rid of stuff and ideas and habits you no longer need. On the Discardian new moon you don't buy anything or bring anything into your home and enjoy the fact that you have enough. We have a nice long Winter Discardia currently, lasting until the new moon on January 2nd.

The other celebrations of Discardia this coming year are:

Vernal Discardia: March 20th - April 1st (a double celebration of the Vernal Discardian new moon and St. Stupid's Day)

Summer Discardia: June 21st - June 29th

Autumnal Discardia: September 23rd - September 25th

Winter Discardia: December 22nd - December 23rd

[thanks to Google for leading me to Theresa who has the dates I needed in her calendars. She looks like she has a lot of saucy fun making those! Check her out, boys!]

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