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How to build a crappy evening 2004

1) Don't check personal email before leaving work and fail to see invite to gathering tonight of people you really really like until it's half over.

2) Waffle for a while about paying for a cab when you might get there and find everyone was ready to leave.

3) When you do decide to go anyway, walk down your steep hill a few blocks and realize just as you get within hailing distance of empty cabs that your wallet is back at home.

4) Climb back up the hill and fail to reach any of your cool friends on their mobile phones to confirm that they're still up for hanging out and having fun.

5) Mope in front of your computer.

6) Check email and get nothing but spam.

How to turn around a crappy evening:

1) Receive spam with subject "cancelled guignol".

2) Chat with one of your bestest pals.

3) Eat Scharffenberger chocolate.

4) Listen to the soundtrack to Triplets of Belleville.

5) Let bestest pal connect you up with more of your pals in goofy new chat interface.

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