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A little work, a little early isn't necessarily a bad thing 2006

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I was thinking "Well, this is it. Back to work tomorrow. Ugh. And there'll be a ton of email..." and starting to stress about what a rough day it would be. Then I realized it was stupid. If my brain was going to spend time stressing over work, I might as well be doing it.

So I switched over to my work account, opened the VPN connection, and downloaded that email.

293 messages

165 went to my probable spam folder, and only 3 or 4 were not really spam.

62 went to my inbox (not just to some list I'm on).

Of those,
52 were notifications requiring no action
2 were cc's requiring no action
1 were undetected spam
2 were things I was copied on but which don't concern me

1 was something that I needed to read in detail, but not act on
3 required a less than 2 minute action

Reading through the mail for my lists took about 10 or 15 minutes tops.

That leaves 1 email that I will need to deal with in the office tomorrow, but its one that will take less than 5 minutes.

So, it's only 7:30pm and now I know there's nothing alarming waiting for me and I can right down to the work on the top of my list.

Hooray for the sanity check!

Current Mood: confident
Current Music: Honky Tonk Angel's Medley - k.d. lang

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