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A look at SF election results 2016

Population of SF: about 865,000

Registered voters: 468,238 (~54%)

Turnout for June 7, 2016 election: 185,698 (~40% of registrants, 21% of population; come on, SF, we can do better than that!)

More people voted by mail (96K) than at the polls (89K). Yay for awareness of easier voting!

There were about 3,500 non-Democrat/non-Republican voters for president, about 12,500 Republicans, and over 150,000 Democrats. SF is deep blue.

Hillary Clinton voters outnumbered Donald Trump voters 12 to 1.
Bernie Sanders voters outnumbered Donald Trump voters just under 9 to 1.

Generally I'm very happy with the results, except that the NIMBYs appear to have fended off the YIMBYs for DCCC slots. At least a couple of my picks got in. Measure C also defeated (math is hard).

Full results here on the city's site. Love their simple, human-readable, fairly predictable URL!

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